Tantra massage for women

In SoulBliss we offer tantra massage for women with a female masseur. If you’re not sure whether to receive massage from a male or female masseur please give me a call at +45 5337 7882 and let’s talk about it, or write me at soulbliss@soulbliss.dk. I can refer you to a qualified male masseur if you wish. You can read more about tantra massage Copenhagen here.

Tantra massage for women is a slow, sensual full-body massage. The masseur is very attentive to your needs so you can experience a deep connection within.

It’s an intuitive massage and will be different from person to person and from time to time. The aim of the tantra massage is to open your senses and reconnect you to your soul, so that joy of life can flow freely and you can feel the aliveness of your body and the pleasure residing here.

Tantra massage for women: When you come for a tantric massage

Omkar room SoulBliss

You will be received with a smile and welcomed into the massage room. Before the massage you and the masseur will start with a talk, and you can get answers to any questions you may have.

If it’s your first visit to SoulBliss this will help you to feel more relaxed and centered, especially if you’re a little nervous (which is completely normal). After the talk you can take a shower, which helps you to become more present, and so you’re fresh and clean (we have towel and soap).

During the massage you will be naked and the masseur will be wearing panties, which is kept on for the entire massage. If you’re not comfortable with being completely naked, you keep on as much clothes as you wish (preferably clothes that does not get ruined if it gets a bit of oil).

The tantric massage is a gift of love for you

Intuitively and sensually your entire body will be massaged in an intimate atmosphere with an organic virgin coconut oil.

Through conscious loving touch, slow sensual movements, and a mix of soft, gentle and firmer strokes, using hands and arms, you’re invited into a state of relaxed pleasure. The session is heart centered and nurturing, and help you to deepen pleasure through presence, and to reconnect with your sensual self. During the massage tensions are slowly released, and you’ll experience your heart awakening to embrace yourself more fully in caring acceptance.

The female masseur also uses her body to give the massage (body-to-body). If you don’t want that, you are completely free to choose not to have that.

Yoni massage (massage of the inner and outer vagina) is offered as part of the tantra massage for women (if you so choose). The masseur uses his/hers fingers for this purpose. It’s an invitation for you to connect deeply within also on this level. The touch is slow, respectful, loving and honoring without any goals of a specific outcome, and without you giving anything back. The focus is on relaxation and presence, becoming aware of what you notice. 

Tantra massage til kvinder ⎥ Tantra massage for women

You get to be with whatever arises, what you notice and feel (or don’t feel), both physically and emotionally. If you don’t feel sexual arousal, it’s as welcome as if you do.

By using gentle and firmer strokes and pressure the energy is spread throughout your body, and you’ll be guidet into a deeper sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure, and to feel your inner sensitivity. From here, deep healing may occur.

Tantra massage for women can be seen as a gift of universal love. You will be guided to reconnect with your soul through your sensuality into deeper realms of love, and into a realization of who you truly are. I recommend for you to relax into the experience, let go of all expectations and just let your senses seduce you into your inner universe.

After the massage the masseur will leave the room for 5-10 minutes, and will return with some water and sweets, and if you have any questions or wish to share elements from your experience we have time for that.

Please NOTE you need to book an appointment before you come, I ask you kindly to NOT come un-announced.

See options and prices at the bottom of this page, along with the cancellation policy.

I only accept cash, Dkk or Euro.

Some of the side benefits of tantra massage for women

Tantric massage teaches you to be more present in your body, in moments of intensity as well as numbness. You’ll be better equipped to embrace your sexuality and erotic energy, and allow yourself to experience it fully without a need to run for the end goal. It also helps you to feel more at home in your body, releasing layers of shame around your sexuality to experience more pleasure.

Your senses, and thereby your sensuality, is awakened making it possible for you to become more confidential with your body and connect more deeply to your inner universe. The better we become at tuning into our body (as opposed to the mind with all the thoughts and intellectual understanding), the better we become at noticing what we want and don’t want - we become more skilled in living authentically. You can equate tantra massage with mindfulness training.

It colors the routine of daily life when we notice the pleasure in, and aliveness of, our body. It’s about much more than just sexual pleasure, because the body has so many flavors of pleasure. From the barely noticeable to the explosive sensations, and we can receive pleasure through all of our senses.

In time, when you feel more at home in your body, it’ll increase your tolerance towards others and serve as a counter ballast on stressful days. You’ll be more present and able to listen to your needs. Touch enhances the secretion of oxytocin, a hormone promoting our health and sense of wellbeing.

Connecting your sexuality to your heart and expanding body awareness helps you become more present in making love. You gain greater confidence, become more present and relaxed, so you’re no longer controlled by fear of not being enough, looking good enough or being attractive enough. You enhance your ability to connect more deeply to yourself and to your partner, which boosts the intensity and love connection.

Our skin is closely linked to our nervous system, and when we’re massaged in a slow, loving and attentive manner it acts as a calibration of the nervous system so we feel loved, energetically charged, inner peace, pleasure and a sense of ease. Tantra massage for women, as we offer it in SoulBliss, helps you to release emotional stress and experience your body and self with new eyes (read: more acceptance). 

As an experienced tantric practitioner, body worker and certified Reiki practitioner, my sessions are intuitive and focused on sensuality, relaxation and awareness to bring you back to your natural state of well-being.

Prices tantra massage for women

Please note I only accept cash, Dkk or Euro.


App. 3 hrs all in all

The massage is app. 2 hrs with time for yoni massage if you wish. Furthermore:

  • Time to meet, greet and talk
  • Resting 5-10 min. after the massage
  • Possibility for shower before/after the massage

Dkk 2.800,-


Book minimum 48 hours in advance and save money

App. 3 hrs all in all

The massage is app. 2 hrs with time for yoni massage if you wish. Furthermore:

  • Time to meet, greet and talk
  • Resting 5-10 min. after the massage
  • Possibility for shower before/after the massage

Dkk 2.300,-

Remember to book minimum 48 hrs in advance to receive this price.


The luxurious treat

App. 4 hours all in all

The massage is app. 3 hrs with time for yoni massage if you wish.

Or if you prefer more time for talking we can do that. Furthermore:

  • Time to meet, greet and talk
  • Resting 5-10 min. after the massage
  • Possibility for shower before/after the massage

Dkk 3.600,-*

* If you book your time minimum 48 hrs in advance the price is Dkk 3.100,-


4 hand massage, 2 masseurs

App. 2,5 hrs all in all

The massage is app. 1,5 hrs with time for yoni massage if you wish. Furthermore:

  • Time to meet, greet and talk
  • Resting 5-10 min. after the massage
  • Possibility for shower before/after the massage

Dkk 3.800,-

Limited possibilities, please book in advance.

Cancellation or changing your appointment

If you need to change or cancel your appointment with me, I ask you to do it as soon as possible. You can change or cancel your appointment for tantra massage, healing or sensitivity training up to 12 hours before your scheduled appointment without a fee. After that, the price for canceling or changing your appointment is half of the price of your scheduled session, up until 5 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If you cancel or change your appointment later than 5 hours before your scheduled appointment you pay the full price of the scheduled session. This is also the case for bookings made with short notice.

In the case of 4-hand massage, tantra for couples and tantra for couples special package, any cancellation or change of time has to be done minimum 48 hours prior to your session. If done later than 48 hours and earlier than 24 hours before the scheduled session, you pay half of the sessions fee. If you cancel later than 24 hours before the scheduled session, you pay the full amount for the session booked. In case you have transferred money to SoulBliss bank account, any refund is minus fees for funds transfer back to your account.

You can reach me by phone +45 53377882 or email soulbliss@soulbliss.dk.