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- Settling into being through SoulfulTouch

Tantra massage is a gentle way of touching your heart. It is a dance of energy, entwined with selfless care, love and presence. It is an invitation to experience your soul’s sensitivity, and its spiritual nature. As you enter into the magic of the loving touch and let go of expectations of how your body should react, or what specifically you should experience, tantric massage can help you to reconnect with yourself. The one behind the exterior facade. A free and unlimited spirit capable of embracing the diversity of life.  

The tantric massage is sensually awakening and at the same time deeply relaxing and nourishing. Through slow, conscious, sensual and loving touch your body is slowly awakened. The emphasis is on relaxation and deep pleasure rather than a short-lived sexual tension and release. 

Tantra massage Copenhagen invites you to slow down and connect inwards. It invites you to feel your body, your desire, and to increase your ability to feel pleasure. You can explore yourself, your sexuality and your sensuality without having to perform or give back.

You are welcome to come for a tantric massage in Copenhagen

In tantra massage Copenhagen, you are not meant to fit into a specific box to receive a session. It’s for you no matter your age, height, weight, looks, sexual orientation and regardless of where you were born or what your religious beliefs are, or are not. 

It is my experience, however, if you have never been intimate with another person before, tantra massage may be a very overwhelming experience for you to start with. In that case, you would probably benefit much better from a Mentor/coaching session first. Call me at +45 5337 7882 and we will talk about what’s best for you, or send me an email soulbliss@soulbliss.dk

Tantric massage can be seen as an initiation where you through awareness and relaxation can settle in to a state of being. It’s a place beyond the minds limited mental understanding, a field without words that can only truly be understood buy those who have experienced it in their own body.

Your experience is unique, there’s no right way or wrong way. Nothing specifically to be achieved. It’s an opportunity to give room to whatever arises in you. Whether it’s pleasure, sexual arousal, grief or longing - or anything in between. In tantra we give space for all of it, and in doing so, anything that needs to be released can be released.

As an experienced tantric practitioner, body worker and certified Reiki practitioner, my sessions are intuitive and focused on sensuality, relaxation and awareness to bring you back to your natural state of well-being. When we really allow ourselves to receive, our heart is wide open - and that is a very vulnerable place to be. I promise to be by your side with tender care, loving presence and sensitivity.

I invite you to flow with the movements of the sensual touch and dive into your soul’s bliss when you receive a tantra massage in Copenhagen.

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