Inner Peace for Global Bliss: From Fear to Love


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Do you feel like resistance is all around you? Do you get into arguments with your loved ones, your neighbour or anyone else for that matter? Does it feel like the world around you has gone bananas? Does it make you depressed to watch the news? Is life stressing you out?

If you can say yes to any of the above, we have good news; the solution lies within you.

It is within your power to change the world! One step at a time. First step is you. Mahatma Gandhi said it so powerfully when he said ”Be the change you want to see in the world”. What we experience in our outer world, is a reflection of the energetic patterns we carry within.

In this weekend workshop we’ll take you through the steps, to start changing your life and live from a more authentic you. Looking into your beliefs and your conditionings from early life, layer by layer you’ll let go of the beliefs that no longer serves you and make room for a more holistic , more harmonious view , that allow you to connect deeply to your self and through that to the world around you.

Are you ready? We’ll explore subjects like love and it’s opponent fear, self potential, the physiology of peace in your body, the power of forgiveness, negative thinking and how to reverse it, connecting with your soul and much more. The weekend will be a mixture of exercises, contemplation and discussions on the different topics.

This course is for you, if:

  •      You would like to let go of fear and live in love
  •      You know you can do better, and need some tools to get you started
  •      You are interested in spiritualizing your life further
  •      You are willing to let go of old beliefs
  •      You are ready to embrace life
  •      You want to awaken sensuality within you


Your teachers for the weekend:

Majbrit Villadsen: Founder of SoulBliss, dedicated to spiritual development as well as physical health through mindful living, massage and healing. Through presence and intention she is helping people connect more deeply to themselves and use the body as a bridge to higher awareness. Visit

Vishwas Chavan: Founder of VishwaSutrras, Vishwas is an author of the best selling book ”VishwaSutras: Universal Principles for Living”. Vishwas is a philosopher, success strategist, and futurist by nature. His in-depth study spanning several years on aspects related to soul, success, love and spirituality has resulted into a unique 7-weeks self-help program ”VishwaSutras Success for Life” and a 3-weeks self awakening program called ”VishwaSutras Awakened Sensuality”. Visit

Are you ready to meet the authentic you?

Friday october 3rd: 18.30-21.30

Saturday october 4th: 10.00-17.00

Sunday october 5th: 10.00-17.00

The workshop will be held in Copenhagen, in the beautiful Pistolstræde 24B. Language of the workshop will be English.

Refreshments such as fruits, tea and water will be provided during the breaks. Please bring your own lunch. Please come in comfortable clothes suitable for exercises.

 Your investment:

For this intensive 2,5 day workshop including afternoon tea and sweets will be:

 Dkk 1900, –

 which is to be paid in full latest september 18th 2014.

Sign-up, fees & cancellation:

Sign up by sending an email to For more information please call +45 5337 7882

Fee: DKK 1900, – to be paid in full latest by September 18th 2014 (see details below).

Sign-ups will be confirmed on first-come-first basis payment of fee. Payment can be made through bank transfer. In case of cancellation later than 18th September 2014, there will be no refund of payment, but you are free to send a friend or family member to take your place without further costs. If for any reason we need to cancel, your full amount will be paid back.

Nordea reg. 2376, account 7557 221 047


IBAN: DK9020007557221047


Vil du fra hovedet og ned i kroppen, så du kan få mere nærvær og intimitet i dit liv?