Womb Healing

Awakening Of Your Inner Woman

The womb is the center of a woman’s power, creativity and life force. The womb energetically holds the space of the life force. A woman’s emotions, impressions and energetic chords are carried in the womb and her emotional, spiritual, physical health is directly connected to how clean energetically her womb is. However, the modern woman is increasingly disconnected from her own womb, whose gateway is through her Yoni (vagina).

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Womb healing helps you:

▪   Establish connection with yourself and your sexuality

▪   Overcome negative sexual experiences & past abuses

▪   Harmonize physical and emotional health through letting go of tensions

▪   Expand spiritual understanding and incorporating positive energy by bringing awareness in your vagina and womb area

At SoulBliss we offer personalized womb healing sessions to women. These sessions uses centuries old esoteric healing techniques such as sensual massage, energy healing, sound healing, meditation, and interactive counseling.

Womb Healing session:

You will be received in a warm atmosphere, where we begin with a brief talk about the role of womb healing in overcoming physical, emotional issues and past traumas. Before the womb healing session you have the possibility of taking a shower.

The session begins with energetic breath work. This is followed by a gentle massage of the entire body with good quality organic oil. Special attention will be given to help you relax, get deeper into yourself, and help you release tensions, especially those around the pelvic floor area. In order to release emotional stress, and past negative experiences, the Yoni (vagina) is massaged gently with firm pressure on trigger points, which will help in the release of negative emotions, stresses and pains accumulated in this and other areas of the body.

After this, your womb is strengthened with energy healing followed by sound healing (using mantra’s). The session concludes with a brief sharing of your experiences, as well as counseling with regards to proactive measures you can take in order to maximize the benefits of the healing session. A few lifestyle tips and exercises will be shared with you to self heal your womb.

Sessions will be conducted in English by VishwaYogi.

Session duration:

The entire session will be of approximately 2.5 hrs, of which 1.5 hrs is the massage of the body and yoni. The remaining time is dedicated to energy healing, breath work and sound healing.

Please make sure to set aside extra time for your appointment for talk before and after the session. We recommend at least 3 sessions for optimal effect.

Price: DKK 2000 per session/3 sessions-card DKK 5400




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